Mark Lacey’s Bootcamp 360

Are you having a motivation meltdown?

If you are not happy with how you look and feel, why don’t you take action NOW? My NEW 4 weeks ONLINE BOOTCAMP 360 is for action takers who are finally ready to lose weight and tone up. We have ladies and gents who have lost anywhere between 7 and 14lbs doing my programs.

How would you feel, if you lost at least 7lbs in just 4 weeks? What makes my ONLINE BOOTCAMP 360 great is that I DO NOT restrict any foods or fluids like most other programs So my question to you is are you ready to lose weight, tone up and feel great? Or are you happy with how you currently look and feel?

What do you get for the best investment you are about to take?

  • 10 classes a week for you to choose from grab at your own time (bonus 200+ classes to pick from)
  • Full tracker through our new app
  • Brand NEW BOOTCAMP 360 recipe book and access to all my past recipe books
  • Weekly challenges
  • Daily contact and support from Mark on our New bootcamp support group

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Here from some of my clients!

My name is Sallyann I’m 54 and I’m from a wee village about 10 miles from Glasgow. I “found” Mark through Instagram and 5 classes a week became my salvation over lockdown as full time home working took its toll. So did snacking and finding a wee tipple of an evening 🍾 – everyday was a Friday! I’ve always loved sport and fitness but despite classes the weight kept creeping up due to a sedentary lifestyle despite the joys of hitstep, Thursday finishers and everything in between. I signed up to Mark’s online personal training Bootcamp 360 5 weeks ago to change my lifestyle and found a great group of fab folks on the journey with me. Marks infectious personality and energy has made me focus on doing this thing right. Don’t cut corners. Do it for yourself. Follow the math and all that. Who knew carbs and sugar were EVERYWHERE!! My goal was to lose half a stone and thanks to Deadly Mark’s guidance and recipes I’ve done it. Despite him having tough times he has focussed on helping others and for that I am ver

Hi I’m Eileen I started my journey over 8 weeks ago so if anything good came out of lockdown for me it was my chance to do something I’ve been putting off for quite awhile & do something for myself I’ve made enough excuses , I was not comfortable to go to a gym so when i decided to do Mark’s online D2S program I was in for a surprise a big one at that & followed up with the fit n fab program I’ve lost 35.4 lbs and over 30 inches from my body. IFZ Mark Lynda & Dylan your more than a gym your encouragement , enthusiasm in classes ,in the groups on nutrition ect I cant thank you enough it was worth the pains & aches I had plenty laughs too I’m healthier I’ve been in years and I’ve learnt we can all do it so for me it’s not a battle anymore it’s a lifestyle change for the better ! I’m really looking forward to Mark’s next program BOOTCAMP 360 starting on the 10th of August so if you can’t get to Mark’s or any gym or like me afraid of going to a gym then this program is for.

I stumbled across @insanityfitzone on Facebook during lockdown at the end of March . I was hoping to lose some of the weight I’d put on since I’d given up running 12 months previously (at least a stone). Mark was doing free online classes each morning and after the first week, when I really didn’t think I could do it, I started to really enjoy the classes and could see improvement quite quickly. I joined his 21 day challenge and then the D2S that followed and have just finished a Fit & Fab online challenge that ran for a month. I have to say that Mark is a treasure – he does all the classes with you, his energy will keep you going. His nutritional information is fantastic and he is always available for advice or just a bit of encouragement. We’ve all laughed our way through these challenges and the group support has been amazing. A new challenge is starting in August; Bootcamp 360 online program with @mark.lacey75 @marklaceynutrition and I am looking forward to that and hopefully the results it will bring.